Roof Racks

Tradesman Roof Racks manufacture roof racks for commercial, 4×4 and SUV vehicles. We manufacture six models of roof racks in sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles and can also custom build to fit your needs. Each of the models (except the Flat-Deck and Trade-Max) are available in different styles:

  • Basket (with all four side walls)
  • Open ends (with side walls only)
  • Flat-Deck (no walls).

The Oval Alloy and Oval Steel roof racks are available in a roof-top tent style which has three walls and a mesh floor at the front and space at the rear to place a roof-top tent.

View more details on each of the styles by selecting the roof rack model below. We manufacture each style in standard configurations and also custom build to fit your requirements. The range of customisation options available varies depending on the style, size of the roof rack and the vehicle on which it is to be installed. It is recommended that you contact us to discuss the customisation options available.